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Fool for school

I always knew, since I was about ten years old, that I wanted to be an artist. I don't think anyone ever told me there were actual careers in art like graphic design, so I figured I'd be a painter or sculptor and pretty much just starve to death. I was fine with that, though. When I was young I was pretty romantic I guess; and everyone told me what a great artist I'd make. As far as I knew I had no real aptitude for anything else. I loved reading and writing and the language arts, but again, I guess I had no idea what creative-type careers were available to me within those fields. My brother was "the smart one", even though my grades were fine (except in math, where they fluctuated wildly) a

More dumb stuff I do

You know how sometimes everyone seems so selfish sometimes? Or you just feel so misunderstood and alien? Or you just keep finding yourself in relationships that suck? Have you ever stopped to think of what is the single common element in every bad relationship, every sucky interaction you've ever had? Hm. I wonder. We create our relationships the way they are. We don't like to take responsibility for them that way, though, because then it's hard to blame someone when things fall apart. And they do sometimes fall apart. The things we do! The things *I* do. I dominate the people I love and I judge them to keep them from judging me. I withhold the deepest fears I own because I'm disgusted by fe

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