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April 23, 2001

Okay, I'm convinced that the laptop computer was designed by a woman.... a woman like me, who loved to take long luxurious baths, and who liked to snuggle in soft flannel sheets and big fluffy feather duvets. Because here I am, sitting in bed propped up by four pillows...

March 1, 2001

This isn't one of those times when I sit down to write with a

I am frustrated, mostly. I feel pummelled by mistake after mistake, showing me how naive or thoughtless or hypocritical I am. I have, in the last two weeks, said the wrong thing several times, taken the wrong...

December 1, 2000

Does it seem to you like it was *ages* ago that the stock market was burning the sky like a space shuttle?

Every week or so it's another spectacular drop. The little squiggly line since March shows the market doing the same thing my Mom's sewing machine did when set to...

November 17, 2000

Briefly, before I head into Schwab for the day:

Here is a song Ashley sent me from far away, which at the moment sends me into tears every time.

Sigh... only five more days...

October 3, 2000

Ashley's in England again. While he's gone, I make messes that I don't clean up and I sleep in the middle of the bed. Because it is my habit to clean for arriving guests, I always make the house spotless for his return. Surely he assumes it's been that way the whole ti...

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