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March 3, 2001

I am thinking about my own inauthenticity here. It's not hard, when revealing oneself, to devise a desired impression. You simply reveal only the bits you like. A kind of "quality control". My last entry came from a place of such frustration and sense of hopelessness t...

November 22, 2000

So, apparently I'm a control freak. Just the fact that upon hearing this I demand examples probably confirms it. Seriously, I want to be in charge of how I, my environment, and my chosen expressions are experienced. I used to have a little script on my homepage that re...

October 19, 2000

God, life is way too short. I find myself going through cycles, regarding how much I "get done" versus how much I "play", and I'm constantly analyzing the use of my time. I used to think procrastination was my enemy; and thinking like that made me feel like I let a lot...

October 5, 2000

Everything I do, I do enthusiastically. And when I do find myself engaged in something half-heartedly, distaste for myself curdles in my throat like past-date dairy product. So for example, when I decide what I *really* want is to just languish on the couch watching "W...

October 4, 2000

I've changed my hair color now three times this year. This is unusual, really... most of the colors I've had lasted for an average of 1.625 years: bleached white, fuchsia pink, deep purple, black, light blue, lavender, pinkish purple.

Even the shifts from one...

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