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October 26, 2000

I came home from the airport last night after five days in Los Angeles. It rained all the way home, as I dozed in the back of the cab all the way from Oakland. When we pulled onto my street, it was clear there was a power outage; my entire block was completely dark inc...

October 19, 2000

God, life is way too short. I find myself going through cycles, regarding how much I "get done" versus how much I "play", and I'm constantly analyzing the use of my time. I used to think procrastination was my enemy; and thinking like that made me feel like I let a lot...

October 18, 2000

So you may have detected my love for architecture, antiquity in particular. Why ancient things, foreign places? It's not the surprise of the unknown which elicits awe; it's the discovery of a jewel just as it was left: ancient, perfect, immesurably perfect.

In the darkn...

October 17, 2000

Boy, do I love fast things. I have a big love affair with those monstrous, powerful American cars of the late '60's and early '70's -- the Barracuda, the GTO, the Camaro and Corvette, the Nova and Malibu; the Mustang Mach I and Shelby. Similarly, I adore a good rollerc...

October 13, 2000

Here's a question: Is there any danger that keeping my magnetic, magic door-opening Schwab card in my pocket might render me sterile? That would be *cool*.

It's like being in school again: gotta have a hall pass. So, the woman who asked about my lower-back tattoo, whom...

October 12, 2000

It's kind of surprising that I took so readily to scuba diving. You know, given my historical fear of water-filled things. Not like bathtubs or fishtanks; in fact, when we were kids, my brother and I used to take fishtanks into the shower with us as toys.

Anyway - I was...

October 11, 2000

A good friend of mine has had her heart broken now about three times too many. It pains me to see her hurt, reeling from feelings of injustice and deception and a pendulous sense of failure.

I can't help remembering my own heartbreaks, and how I dealt with them. My frie...

October 10, 2000

O joyous reunion! Finally I've spent ten days with Ash after nearly six desperate weeks without him. I felt such despair when I thought of him, missed him so acutely that I began to substitute anger for the sadness. It was getting ugly. So I went to England.

Spent most...

October 7, 2000

This girl Ashley knew in England was a gymnast. He and his friends call her "Bendy Wendy". Very cute. I can only imagine the sexual implications of a gymnast's flexibility. Does any of that stuff come in handy during sex, or is it all a myth? I've been able to do the s...

October 6, 2000

Going diving in Monterey this Saturday with a few friends. I hear Monterey is Great White territory. Cool. 

I've been down there, in a number of countries, with sharks of many varieties: black tips, white tips, whale sharks, dogfish, rays... but my very, very favorite w...

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